We are Keith Hehir-Lynch and Bill Webber. Both married, not to each other but to females of the same species.

NB: Ours aren't from venus.


I've run menswear shops in Carnaby St and the West End when flares were giving way to punk snot and safety pins right up to power dressing bricklayers and have written the odd column or two for whomever is silly enough to publish them.

Bill was in the print trade when wooden blocks were carved for pictures. He actually ran a business in that trade that was so complicated I still glaze over and nod a lot. Bill has problems when he approaches a glass door that says 'Push' on it, thirty years of reading copy backwards and in reverse has messed with his talented brain.

We both have had a great life dragging up our kids to adulthood and to the point that we pretend not to be in when they pop around for a visit. We have enthusiasm and bad backs and love a cup of tea.


We have held Hackney Carriage Licences for over 28 years and try to please everybody and hate letting anyone down, if for some reason we cannot provide you with what we do best, it's probably because our country needs us and we are saving the world.


We will never be rich but that's ok, doing things right with a sense of pride and fun is now more important to us.

We would like the phones to ring more, but hey we can't drag people out of their homes and into our cars, it's illegal according to our solicitor.

Paint this number on your phone with tippex 01424 404400

Oh! And we love cake...a lot.


Give us a try! We are good at opening doors and helping elderly people, mothers and seven year olds that want to take over the world. We have corporate customers, they use our interest free 30 day account. We help them with cash flow and nobo board erecting.



Have a great rest of your day!

We have top of the range new Skoda Superb metallic black estates with full heated leather interiors,extended leg room, privacy glass and charging points.


Dual Zone Air Conditioning with aircare, Dab Radio. Privacy Glass. latest isofix fittings

Our Metered Rates are the Same as Regular Taxi Fares!

For a Calm, Comfortable and Safe Journey with us,


Phone or text us

01424 404400

Our aim is your satisfaction.