• We operate a pre-bookable 24hr service, 365 days a year.
  • Our office hours are 07.00-18.00 seven days a week.
  • Emails are answered during office hours

Our prices for normal metered fares are the same as the taxi rates set by the local authority in Hastings All other prices we believe are competitive for our unique services we offer.


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01424 404400


Our 2019/20 Airport, London, Port and Euro Tunnel prices

Estate car   --   8 Passenger Minibus

**best viewed in Landscape on mobiles


  • Heathrow                £135*        £195*
  • Gatwick                   £74            £105
  • Ashford Int              £55            £85
  • Dover Docks            £85            £120
  • Euro Tunnel             £75            £100
  • Ebbsfleet int            £92            £135
  • Stansted                  £145          £200
  • London City             £150          £220
  • Luton Airport          £170          £260
  • St Pancras               £150          £220
  • Soton docks            £145          £195
  • London SE/SW        £150**      £195**
  • London NE/NW       £160**      £225**



*We check all incoming flights for delays and remain off airport until the flight lands, parking charges are therefore kept to the minimum. we confirm by email details of transfers and cost to you prior to your journey commencing.


Email all your enquiries to airport.transfers@trecc.co.uk


**London Congestion Zone charge is £12.50 between 07.00am and 18.00pm monday to Friday it must be added to any journey that terminates within the congestion zone.


**London Ultra Low Emmision Zone (ULEZ) our vehicles are Ulez Free and you do not have to pay this as our vehicles are compliant with the latest emmisions standards.


*Since November 2015 we introduced variable pricing to airports and ports during rush hour times and overnight travel. Heathrow as an example can regularly take 5-6 hours driving in total (That is there and back) Our prices reflect these now unavoidable extended trips during rush hours.


We always advise to travel outside rush hour times where possible to enjoy a smooth trip and better pricing. Better for all.


Example of variable pricing for an Estate Car

  • Hastings to LHR  (Estate)   00.00am to 08.00am £145 *
  • Hastings to LHR  (Estate)   09.00am to 12.00pm £135
  • Hastings to LHR  (Estate)   13.00pm to 18.00pm £145 *
  • Hastings to LHR  (Estate)   18.00pm to 23.00pm £135


We can collect from any address in Hastings and St Leonards and in the wide journey corridor that heads towards the M25/East/West Sussex to the above Airports and main London Stations.


Phone Trecc on 

01424 404400


We may save you money on your local prices!

We Make every effort to contact you when you land, we have places to meet you and we advice on contact the best place to find you, this changes according to how busy the airport is on the day. *Parking costs are traditionally met by the customer

We can store baby seats for you and have them ready fitted upon your return.


Phone Trecc on

01424 404400


Small Parcels and Documents Delivery.

We can provide a signed for service with text/email confirmation for the delivery anywhere of important/fragile parcels and documents, we can provide a set price for this service upon request.


Phone Trecc on

01424 404400


We have contactless card machines in all vehicles and accept payment by phone.

We accept all debit and credit cards.